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  • newTHE GIVER: Environment Breakdown
    Really nice environment breakdown by Method Studios about their work on THE GIVER: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Method Studios: Dedicated page about THE GIVER on Method Studios website. © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014
    - 8 hours ago17 Sep 14, 8:00am -
  • THE EXPENDABLES 3: Nigel Denton-Howes – VFX Supervisor – Prime Focus World
    Nigel Denton-Howes joined Prime Focus World in 2014. Before that he worked at Image Engine, Digital Domain and Sony Pictures Imageworks. He has worked on films such as DISTRICT 9, BATTLESHIP or THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.
    - 1 day ago16 Sep 14, 2:00pm -

    - 1 day ago16 Sep 14, 11:00am -
  • THE SIGNAL: VFX Breakdown
    Excellent VFX Breakdown by Spin VFX about their work on THE SIGNAL. Stay to the end to watch some really nice concepts (click on the picture below to watch it): There is much more on the dedicated page of THE SIGNAL on Spin VFX website. © Vincent Fr…
    - 1 day ago16 Sep 14, 7:00am -
    Cool! Lots of action in this first trailer for THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 1: The VFX are made by: Double Negative (VFX Supervisor : Adrian de Wet) MPC (VFX Supervisor : David Seager) Rising Sun Pictures Scanline VFX (VFX Supervisor : Bryan…
    - 2 days ago15 Sep 14, 11:00am -
    Fan of Raccoons? Then don’t miss this really cool commercial, LIFE IS ON, with VFX by Mikros Image for Schneider Electric: CREDITS Client : Schneider Electric Agence : BETC Directeur de création : Ivan Beczkowski Redacteur : Nathalie Dupont Direct…
    - 2 days ago15 Sep 14, 8:00am -
  • Interviews of the Week #36
    Here is the recap of my interviews of the week #36. So you won’t miss any of them. SIN CITY – A DAME TO KILL FOR: Merzin Tavaria – Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director – Prime Focus World Merzin Tavaria co-founded Prime Focus World in 1995.…
    - 3 days ago14 Sep 14, 3:04pm -
    Excellent trailer by Elastic for ASSASSIN’S CREED – UNITY: Client: Ubisoft Production Company: Elastic Director: Patrick Clair © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014
    - 3 days ago14 Sep 14, 11:00am -
    John Woo presents the first footages of his new movie, THE CROSSING: The VFX are made by: Tippett Studio Director: John Woo Release Date: 2 December 2014 (China) © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014
    - 4 days ago13 Sep 14, 9:00am -
    Cool trailer for JOHN WICK, an hard boiled action movie with Keanu Reeves: The VFX are made by: Spin VFX (VFX Supervisor : Jeff Campbell) The Production VFX Supervisor is Jake Braver. Directors: David Leitch & Chad Stahelski Relese Date: 24 October 2…
    - 5 days ago12 Sep 14, 2:00pm -



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  • newDavid Fincher Talks "Leagues," "Game" & More
    Continuing his "Gone Girl" promotional rounds, filmmaker David Fincher has given a lengthy and refreshingly honest interview with Playboy about his previous works, upcoming films and abandoned projects. Amongst the surprising revelations? He regre…
    - 7 hours ago17 Sep 14, 8:21am -
  • newNews Bits: Machina, 99, Vacation, Von Trier
    Ex MachinaA new photo is out of Alicia Vikander in the upcoming sci-fi feature "Ex Machina". "28 Days Later" and "Sunshine" writer Alex Garland scribe makes his directorial debut on the film which also stars Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson.Isaa…
    - 10 hours ago17 Sep 14, 5:40am -
  • "Bond 24" Gets A New Cinematographer
    Though it got great notices, without a doubt the most universally acclaimed element of the Sam Mendes-directed 2012 James Bond film "Skyfall" was that of the visual work and compositions of cinematographer Roger Deakins.Sadly Mendes couldn't get De…
    - 13 hours ago17 Sep 14, 2:30am -
  • Jack Huston Is The New "Ben-Hur"
    "Boardwalk Empire" star Jack Huston has scored the title role in Timur Bekmambetov's upcoming "Ben-Hur" remake at MGM Studios and Paramount Pictures.The new adaptation of Lew Wallace's 1880 novel focuses on a falsely accused nobleman who survives y…
    - 13 hours ago17 Sep 14, 2:15am -
  • Martin Campbell To Helm "Hunter Killer"
    "Casino Royale" and "The Mask of Zorro" helmer Martin Campbell is in early talks to direct the espionage thriller "Hunter Killer" at Relativity and Original Films.Based on George Wallace and Don Keith's novel "Firing Point," the story follows a ren…
    - 13 hours ago17 Sep 14, 2:10am -
  • Another "Spartacus" Star Is An "Arrow" Villain
    Another regular from Starz's "Spartacus" is joining the cast of "Arrow" as a villain.Nick Tarabay has scored the recurring role of Digger Harkness, better known as DC villain Captain Boomerang, in the upcoming third season of the series.In the sh…
    - 13 hours ago17 Sep 14, 2:03am -
  • Daniels Talks Reprising C-3PO In SW7
    C-3PO is back in the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII," and for a very brief period there was talk that actor Anthony Daniels would not be in the suit - rather he'd only provide the voice. In a new and lengthy interview with Entertainment Weekly,…
    - 16 hours ago16 Sep 14, 11:32pm -
  • D'Arcy Is Jarvis In Marvel's "Agent Carter"
    James D'Arcy ("Cloud Atlas," "Master and Commander") is set to join the cast of Marvel's "Agent Carter" series for ABC.Set in 1946, Hayley Atwell reprises her role as Peggy Carter who is now working for the covert Strategic Scientific Reserve, doin…
    - 16 hours ago16 Sep 14, 11:12pm -
  • TV News: Constantine, Lock, Problem, Dig
    ConstantineScans of TV Guide's Fall film preview edition over at Spoiler TV include a couple of new shots from NBC's upcoming "Constantine" series.Lock InLegendary TV has acquired the screen rights and are planning to adapt John Scalzi's just rel…
    - 16 hours ago16 Sep 14, 11:10pm -
  • Fox, DC Plan A "Lucifer" TV Series
    Ahead of the series premiere of "Gotham" next week, Fox has given a put pilot commitment to another DC Comics adaptation from Warner Bros. TV.Tom Kapinos ("Californication") will executive produce "Lucifer," based on the character who started off a…
    - 16 hours ago16 Sep 14, 11:05pm -
  • Writing Begins On Spider-Man Spin-Off "Venom"
    We already know Alex Kurtzman's upcoming "Spider-Man" spin-off feature "Venom" will be a darker entity than the web-slinging franchise that spawned it, but one bit of surprising news is that the Venom we see on screen may not be the one people are mo…
    - 19 hours ago16 Sep 14, 8:18pm -
  • "Star Wars" Set Pics Shoot Down Rumors?
    Rumors regarding "Star Wars: Episode VII" have been as elaborate as they have been prolific. Spoilers seem to be dropping left and right from sources and sites - some reliable, some... not so much.POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEADThis week, two very blur…
    - 19 hours ago16 Sep 14, 8:09pm -


  • newBen Kingsley Joins Brooklyn Bridge
    Brie Larson is also on for new Daniel Radcliffe dramaThough it originally aimed to kick off filming last month, Brooklyn Bridge, a new drama about the man who oversaw the building of the famous New York structure, has been moved back to next spring.…
    - 5 hours ago17 Sep 14, 10:37am -
  • newJames D'Arcy Recruited for Agent Carter
    He'll be Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark's butlerHe most recently appeared on our screens as a tattooed mobster nightmare in police comedy Let’s Be Cops. But James D’Arcy is switching back to the forces of good for a new TV role: he’s been cast as E…
    - 5 hours ago17 Sep 14, 10:37am -
  • newChris Hemsworth Says I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
    Producing and starring in a film about Hank Williams' doctorIf you thought the most beloved music on Asgard was something involving massive trumpets, think again. Apparently it was the soulful country sound of Hank Williams. How else to explain that,…
    - 5 hours ago17 Sep 14, 10:21am -
  • newJack Huston Is The New Ben-Hur
    He'll join Morgan Freeman in the latest version of the epicThough it looked for a while as if Tom Hiddleston would be the new Ben-Hur, he is now headed in a different direction as was revealed yesterday. Nope, the man looking to fill a role once assa…
    - 5 hours ago17 Sep 14, 10:21am -
  • newTom Hiddleston's Off To Skull Island
    Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct the King Kong origin taleYou might recall that Legendary Entertainment took to the San Diego Comic-Con stage this year to announce it was making a return to Skull Island to explore the origins of a one Mr. K. Kong, the a…
    - 6 hours ago17 Sep 14, 9:51am -
  • newGillian Jacobs Is Set For TV Show Love
    Judd Apatow and Lesley Arfin create a Netflix comedyWhile he’s long established himself as a filmmaker, Judd Apatow has never quite forgotten his TV roots. He’s one of the producers behind HBO series Girls and is now working with one of the write…
    - 6 hours ago17 Sep 14, 9:20am -
  • newCara Delevingne Moves To Paper Towns
    She'll star opposite Nat Wolff in the latest John Green adaptationWith a successful first adaptation already under his belt with The Fault In Our Stars, author John Green is now watching the progress of another tome, Paper Towns, as it heads to the b…
    - 6 hours ago17 Sep 14, 9:04am -
  • newCiaran Hinds Will Bleed For This
    He's joining Miles Teller in a boxing biopicTrue-life boxing drama Bleed For This already has Miles Teller attached as slugger Vinny Pazienza. Now we know who will be playing his father, Angelo, because Ciaran Hinds has signed on to co-star.Boiler Ro…
    - 6 hours ago17 Sep 14, 9:04am -
  • newMargaret Qualley Finds The Nice Guys
    Leftovers actress joins Ryan Gosling and Russell CroweFor someone whose entire career to date has comprised just two jobs – a role in James Franco’s Palo Alto and one playing Justin Theroux’s daughter on HBO’s The Leftovers – Margaret Quall…
    - 6 hours ago17 Sep 14, 9:04am -
  • newInto The Woods Poster Stalks Online
    Be careful what you wish forWe’ve already seen several images and a trailer for the adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s classic fairy tale-tweaking musical Into The Woods – the pictures are sitting in a gallery lower down the page and the trailer…
    - 6 hours ago17 Sep 14, 9:04am -
  • newLee Child Talks The Next Reacher Movie
    Exclusive - And he reveals the title of Reacher 20!Lee Child, the laconic legend behind the unstoppable one-man army that is Jack Reacher, popped into Empire Towers today to record an appearance on the Empire Podcast. You’ll be able to hear the ful…
    - 7 hours ago17 Sep 14, 8:03am -
  • Gillian Jacobs Set For Love
    Judd Apatow and Lesley Arfin create a Netflix comedyWhile he’s long established himself as a filmmaker, Judd Apatow has never quite forgotten his TV roots. He’s one of the producers behind HBO series Girls and is now working with one of the write…
    - 22 hours ago16 Sep 14, 5:25pm -

vfx soldier

  • Deluxe Entertainment “Currently Vulnerable To Default”
    If you work at Stereo D, Method Studios, Encore Hollywood, or Iloura (list updated per comments below) you may have been aware about some recent news concerning parent company Deluxe Entertainment’s credit rating being downgraded by Standard & Poor…
    - 7 days ago10 Sep 14, 8:05am -
  • LA Siggraph Panel: State Of The VFX Industry
    This sunday I’ll be at the VFX BBQ by the VFX Progress Group. Later in the week on Tuesday I’ll be at OTIS college to attend a LA Siggraph panel on the state of the VFX Industry: When: Tuesday September 9th 2014 7:30-10pm Location: Otis College…
    - 14 days ago3 Sep 14, 9:38pm -
  • As CA Film Subsidy Passes, MPAA Prepares To Raise Stakes
    If you read through the posts on this blog about film subsidies one trend should be abundantly clear: Hollywood studios will take one government’s offer and game it against others in the hopes of increasing and maximizing the total amount of free t…
    - 14 days ago3 Sep 14, 5:39am -
    The VFX Progress Group will be having a BBQ that anyone is invited to attend. I will be there to answer any questions and help lobby for support of ADAPT’s legal effort: Veterans Memorial Park 4117 Overland Ave Culver City, CA 90230 Sunday, Septemb…
    - 21 days ago27 Aug 14, 6:01pm -
  • Trade Provision Supporting ADAPT Legal Effort In AB1839
    Big news came last week as CA bill AB1839 was amended: An amendment to proposed legislation to expand California’s film and TV tax credit urges trade action as a response to countries that have lured visual effects firms away with the promise of ge…
    - 22 days ago26 Aug 14, 4:44pm -
  • Sin Equity 2
    The gods have spoken: #vfx companies shall not hold equity in films, for verily shalt they perish from the earth. — bengrossmann (@bengrossmann) August 24, 2014 So much news about Prime Focus, so little time! I have yet to post my thoughts on the D…
    - 22 days ago26 Aug 14, 5:23am -
  • John Textor Demands Apology From VFX Soldier
    After my last post I received two emails from former Digital Domain 2.0 CEO John Textor. The contents of both emails were the same and posted below. The only difference between the two emails was the first one was sent with the subject “Blog” an…
    - 30 days ago18 Aug 14, 4:28pm -
  • John Textor Has A Blog
    Looks like the saga of John Textor continues. When Digital Domain went down and took Florida taxpayers for a $100 million bath I speculated that it would become an election issue. Well current Governor Rick Scott will be taking on the previous Gover…
    - 32 days ago16 Aug 14, 9:26pm -
  • Anti-poaching Inquiry
    I haven’t had a chance to post about the recent news concerning collusion but I have been speaking with counsel about the matter. One firm has been trying to get more information about the issue and I asked them if they could provide me with some i…
    - 33 days ago16 Aug 14, 1:46am -
  • Vancouver Stories
    I flew to Siggraph in Vancouver to attend an ADAPT Q&A with Scott Ross. While I didn’t count the exact number of people there about half of the 100-seat room was filled. I gave an overview of the anti-subsidy duty legal effort we were pursuing and…
    - 33 days ago15 Aug 14, 4:18pm -