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  • newLeague of Legends : Warriors
    Really cool and stylized CG trailer for League of Legends : Warriors directed by french studio Fortiche: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014
    - 5 hours ago21 Sep 14, 7:29pm -
  • newInterviews of the Week #37
    Here is the recap of my interviews of the week #37. So you won’t miss any of them. THE EXPENDABLES 3: Nigel Denton-Howes – VFX Supervisor – Prime Focus World Nigel Denton-Howes joined Prime Focus World in 2014. Before that he worked at Image En…
    - 9 hours ago21 Sep 14, 3:07pm -
    Really nice trailer for A MOST VIOLENT YEAR: The VFX are made by: Look Effects (VFX Supervisor : Jeff Wozniak) Phosphene The Production VFX Supervisor is Mark Russell. Director: J.C. Chandor Release Date: 31 December 2014 (USA) © Vincent Frei – Th…
    - 1 day ago20 Sep 14, 8:14pm -
    Beautiful short created by Mill+ inspired by the illustrative and graphic style of The Fableists’ t-shirt designs: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Mill+: Dedicated page about EPIC THREAD on Mill+ website. CREDITS Agency Agency: Brothers & Sisters Producer: Ashl…
    - 2 days ago20 Sep 14, 9:00am -
  • THE MAZE RUNNER: Making of by Wired
    Wired goes behind the scenes (with Mike Seymour of fxguide) about the really cool VFX created by Method Studios for THE MAZE RUNNER: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014
    - 2 days ago19 Sep 14, 5:00pm -
  • VFX Jobs
    There is a brand new section on The Art of VFX, the VFX jobs. For its beginning, you will find many job positions from BUF, Cinesite, Industrial light & Magic and Rodeo FX. © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014
    - 2 days ago19 Sep 14, 4:14pm -
  • Industrial Light & Magic: Jobs at London, San Francisco, Singapore and Vancouver
    Industrial Light & Magic have many job positions to be filled. Have a look: London CG Supervisors Associate Production Engineer Compositor FX Technical Director IT Production Support Manager (On Set) IT Production Support Technician (On Set) Junior T…
    - 2 days ago19 Sep 14, 3:27pm -
  • Many job positions at Rodeo FX
    Rodeo FX is offering many job positions for both Montreal and Quebec City: Render Wrangler (Montreal) CG Generalist (Montreal) FX artist (Montreal and Quebec) Senior 3D Texture Artist (Montreal) Roto/Paint artists (Montreal and Quebec) Junior-Mid Fla…
    - 2 days ago19 Sep 14, 3:04pm -
  • BUF is looking for a VFX Supervisor
    BUF is looking for an experienced VFX Supervisor with over 10 years of proven and successful experience in the industry. The main focus of this key position is to oversee the VFX Supervision work, provide highly creative and technical solutions, show…
    - 2 days ago19 Sep 14, 3:00pm -
    Nice trailer for the new movie of Tim Burton, BIG EYES: The VFX are made by: Zoic Studios (VFX Supervisors : Mark Stetson & Ralph Maiers) Director: Tim Burton Release Date: 25 December 2014 (USA) © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014
    - 2 days ago19 Sep 14, 2:17pm -



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  • newVin Diesel Shares "Witch Hunter" Photos
    Vin Diesel is keeping his social media fans happy this weekend, the actor has posted more photos of himself in costume from the set of the film production of "The Last Witch Hunter" which is currently in the midst of shooting ahead of a release in Fa…
    - 17 mins ago21 Sep 14, 11:51pm -
  • newFox Sets "Maze Runner 2" For Sept 2015
    Having opened at number one around the world in many markets, it's no surprise that 20th Century Fox is moving fast on a sequel to this weekend's hit "The Maze Runner".A few months back it was reported that early work had already commenced on the f…
    - 33 mins ago21 Sep 14, 11:35pm -
  • newColin Farrell Confirms He's In "True Detective"
    Colin Farrell has confirmed to Ireland's Sunday World that he will be starring in the upcoming second season of HBO's "True Detective". Farrell says the show will reportedly be shot around Los Angeles, will consist of eight episodes and will take a…
    - 34 mins ago21 Sep 14, 11:34pm -
  • new"Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2" Script News
    Despite a disappointing domestic turn, last year's horror-action title "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" powered through in foreign markets to pull in $226 million worldwide from a $50 million budget. It was good enough for Paramount who quickly or…
    - 39 mins ago21 Sep 14, 11:29pm -
  • newGordon-Levitt To Play Edward Snowden?
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("The Dark Knight Rises") is being sought to play Edward Snowden in a film that Oliver Stone and Moritz Borman will produce.Stone and Borman have closed a deal with Snowden’s Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, for the film ri…
    - 50 mins ago21 Sep 14, 11:18pm -
  • new"Maze Runner" Tops Weekend Box-Office
    "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent" just got a new partner in the field of successful young adult novel adaptations."The Maze Runner" pulled in a very solid $32.5 million domestic opening over the weekend, easily taking the top spot at not just the…
    - 55 mins ago21 Sep 14, 11:13pm -
  • Netflix's "Daredevil" Won't Repeat Mistakes
    Fans worried the upcoming "Daredevil" TV series on Netflix will turn out to be as bad as the previous 2003 "Daredevil" film shouldn't worry says Marvel television executive Jeph Loeb.Speaking on KFI AM 640 (via CBM), Loeb says the series has no pl…
    - 16 hours ago21 Sep 14, 7:56am -
  • Trailer: The Interview
    Red-Band Trailer
    - 17 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:40am -
  • Trailer: Low Down
    - 17 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:39am -
  • Trailer: Elsa and Fred
    - 17 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:39am -
  • Trailer: Big Eyes
    - 18 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:38am -
  • Trailer: VHS: Viral
    - 18 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:38am -


  • newThe Maze Runner Sequel Has A Release Date
    Prepare for Scorch Trials in 2015Plans for the film were announced at the San Diego Comic-Con back in July, and director Wes Ball is already knee-deep in pre-production, but thanks to the success of the first film at the US and international box offi…
    - 5 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:58pm -
  • newNew Interstellar Poster Lands
    UPDATE: See all the posters so farUPDATE: All the posters fro the movie - including the one based on our cover - are now online for your staring needs.A couple of days ago, we brought you the world exclusive first look at the official poster for Chri…
    - 5 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:43pm -
  • newThe Maze Runner Sprints To The Top Of The US Box Office
    A Walk Among The Tombstones strolls in secondLiam Neeson may have delivered a joking promise to his former Love Actually co-star and current Maze Runner actor Thomas Brodie Sangster that his new thriller A Walk Among The Tombstones would outrun the t…
    - 6 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:27pm -
  • newNew Red Band Trailer For The Interview
    Seth Rogen and James Franco are on a missionWe’ve had at least one other trailer for Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg’s latest directorial effort, The Interview. Here comes the latest, a Red Band effort full of their trademark filthy humour and James…
    - 6 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:27pm -
  • newAngelina Jolie Will Direct Poaching Tale Africa
    A new true-life storyWith Unbroken, her second directorial effort set to hit cinemas later this year, Angelina Jolie is already at work on her third, By The Sea which co-stars hubby Brad Pitt. And she’s now locked in a fourth, targeting another tru…
    - 6 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:27pm -
  • newMatt Damon May Tackle The Great Wall
    He's considering Zhang Yimou's epicDespite backing from Legendary boss Thomas Tull, as part of his attempt to launch spin-off business Legendary, China-set epic The Great Wall has proven a tricky prospect, burning through at least one director (Ed Zw…
    - 6 hours ago21 Sep 14, 6:27pm -
  • newAdam McKay Is Directing A New Comedy
    From Parks And Recreation's Ben SchwartzWriter/producer/directors such as Judd Apatow and Anchorman’s Adam McKay have a long history of finding other talent and shepherding their films to the screen. In this instance, McKay is partnering with Seth…
    - 6 hours ago21 Sep 14, 5:56pm -
  • Initial Test Footage From Sony's CG Popeye
    Genndy Tartakovsky shows off the Sailor ManYou may recall that Fox debuted a traditional teaser trailer for its Charlie Brown ‘toon recently. Sony is going one step further releasing a mini-featurette on the new Popeye film that includes an anima…
    - 1 day ago20 Sep 14, 6:17pm -
  • Max Borenstein On To Write Godzilla Sequel
    He's back with the big beastsMax Borenstein clearly has a thing for gigantic beasts raging around. He was one of the main credited writers on Legendary and Warner Bros’ Godzilla and was recently announced as penning the former company’s stab at t…
    - 1 day ago20 Sep 14, 5:46pm -
  • Nick Frost Heads To Doctor Who
    For this year's Christmas episodeWhile the current incarnations of Doctor Who have been bigger and flashier than the classic versions, the team always tends to pull out extra stops for the annual Christmas episode. And in terms of guest stars, this y…
    - 1 day ago20 Sep 14, 5:46pm -
  • Amber Heard Joins Magic Mike XXL
    She's snagged a lead roleWith the cameras set to start cranking soon and the male strippers ready to gyrate once again, Magic Mike XXL director Gregory Jacobs seems committed to balancing out the cast’s gender mix for the sequel. Andie MacDowell an…
    - 1 day ago20 Sep 14, 5:46pm -
  • Anthony Mackie Says Our Brand Is Crisis
    Set to join Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob ThorntonAfter spending several months in development, political drama-comedy blend Our Brand Is Crisis is now gearing up at top speed. David Gordon Green is calling the shots with a cast that already includes…
    - 1 day ago20 Sep 14, 5:46pm -

vfx soldier

  • Deluxe Entertainment “Currently Vulnerable To Default”
    If you work at Stereo D, Method Studios, Encore Hollywood, or Iloura (list updated per comments below) you may have been aware about some recent news concerning parent company Deluxe Entertainment’s credit rating being downgraded by Standard & Poor…
    - 12 days ago10 Sep 14, 8:05am -
  • LA Siggraph Panel: State Of The VFX Industry
    This sunday I’ll be at the VFX BBQ by the VFX Progress Group. Later in the week on Tuesday I’ll be at OTIS college to attend a LA Siggraph panel on the state of the VFX Industry: When: Tuesday September 9th 2014 7:30-10pm Location: Otis College…
    - 18 days ago3 Sep 14, 9:38pm -
  • As CA Film Subsidy Passes, MPAA Prepares To Raise Stakes
    If you read through the posts on this blog about film subsidies one trend should be abundantly clear: Hollywood studios will take one government’s offer and game it against others in the hopes of increasing and maximizing the total amount of free t…
    - 19 days ago3 Sep 14, 5:39am -
    The VFX Progress Group will be having a BBQ that anyone is invited to attend. I will be there to answer any questions and help lobby for support of ADAPT’s legal effort: Veterans Memorial Park 4117 Overland Ave Culver City, CA 90230 Sunday, Septemb…
    - 25 days ago27 Aug 14, 6:01pm -
  • Trade Provision Supporting ADAPT Legal Effort In AB1839
    Big news came last week as CA bill AB1839 was amended: An amendment to proposed legislation to expand California’s film and TV tax credit urges trade action as a response to countries that have lured visual effects firms away with the promise of ge…
    - 26 days ago26 Aug 14, 4:44pm -
  • Sin Equity 2
    The gods have spoken: #vfx companies shall not hold equity in films, for verily shalt they perish from the earth. — bengrossmann (@bengrossmann) August 24, 2014 So much news about Prime Focus, so little time! I have yet to post my thoughts on the D…
    - 27 days ago26 Aug 14, 5:23am -
  • John Textor Demands Apology From VFX Soldier
    After my last post I received two emails from former Digital Domain 2.0 CEO John Textor. The contents of both emails were the same and posted below. The only difference between the two emails was the first one was sent with the subject “Blog” an…
    - 34 days ago18 Aug 14, 4:28pm -
  • John Textor Has A Blog
    Looks like the saga of John Textor continues. When Digital Domain went down and took Florida taxpayers for a $100 million bath I speculated that it would become an election issue. Well current Governor Rick Scott will be taking on the previous Gover…
    - 36 days ago16 Aug 14, 9:26pm -
  • Anti-poaching Inquiry
    I haven’t had a chance to post about the recent news concerning collusion but I have been speaking with counsel about the matter. One firm has been trying to get more information about the issue and I asked them if they could provide me with some i…
    - 37 days ago16 Aug 14, 1:46am -
  • Vancouver Stories
    I flew to Siggraph in Vancouver to attend an ADAPT Q&A with Scott Ross. While I didn’t count the exact number of people there about half of the 100-seat room was filled. I gave an overview of the anti-subsidy duty legal effort we were pursuing and…
    - 37 days ago15 Aug 14, 4:18pm -