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  • newALIEN – COVENANT: Christian Kaestner & Stuart Penn – VFX Supervisors – Framestore
    Christian Kaestner began his career in visual effects in 2006 at The Orphanage and then joined the Framestore teams in 2007. He has worked on numerous projects such as AVATAR, GRAVITY, EDGE OF TOMORROW and PADDINGTON.With more than 16 years experien…
    - 52 mins ago22 May 17, 2:30pm -
  • newTHE SPACEWALKER (VREMYA PERVYH): VFX Breakdown by Argunov Studio
    Argunov Studio presents their nice work made for THE SPACEWALKER (VREMYA PERVYH): © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2017The post THE SPACEWALKER (VREMYA PERVYH): VFX Breakdown by Argunov Studio appeared first on The Art of VFX.
    - 2 hours ago22 May 17, 1:00pm -
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2: Christopher Townsend – Production VFX Supervisor – Marvel Studios
    In 2015, Christopher Townsend told us about his work on AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Today, he explains about the challenges faced on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2.The post GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2: Christopher Townsend – Production VFX Supervis…
    - 3 days ago19 May 17, 3:00pm -
  • COLONY – Season 2: Making of by MELS
    Canadian studio MELS have just released this making of about their work on the season 2 of COLONY: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2017The post COLONY – Season 2: Making of by MELS appeared first on The Art of VFX.
    - 3 days ago19 May 17, 1:00pm -
    The final trailer of VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS is coming next week: The VFX are made by: Industrial Light & Magic (VFX Supervisor: Philippe Rebours) Weta Digital (VFX Supervisors: Joe Letteri & Martin Hill) Rodeo FX (VFX Supervisor:…
    - 3 days ago19 May 17, 10:00am -
    Brand new trailer for THE MUMMY: The VFX are made by: MPC (VFX Supervisors: Greg Butler and Arundi Asregadoo) Double Negative (VFX Supervisor: Darren Poe) Industrial Light & Magic (VFX Supervisors: Pablo Helman & Mark Curtis) Factory VFX Furious FX T…
    - 4 days ago18 May 17, 3:30pm -
  • OKJA
    Excellent trailer for OKJA: The VFX are made by: 4th Creative Party (VFX supervisor: Jeon Hyoung Lee) Method Studios (VFX Supervisor: Erik De Boer) Director: Bong Joon-ho Release Date: June 28, 2017 (Netflix) © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 20…
    - 4 days ago18 May 17, 11:00am -
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2: Guy Williams – VFX Supervisor – Weta Digital
    In 2013, Guy Williams explained to us about Weta Digital's work on THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE. Today he talks about his new collaboration with VFX supervisor Christopher Townsend, this time for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2.The post GUARDIANS O…
    - 5 days ago17 May 17, 3:00pm -
    The international trailer for TRANSFORMERS – THE LAST KNIGHT is full of Bayhem and new VFX shots! The VFX are made by: Industrial Light & Magic (VFX Supervisors: Jason Smith and David Fogler) Base FX MPC (VFX Supervisor: Sheldon Stopsack) Atomic Fi…
    - 5 days ago17 May 17, 12:30pm -
  • PEPSI ARABIA “Hand in Hand, We Can”: Making Of by Glassworks Barcelona
    Glassworks Barcelona have just released this making of about their nice work on this PEPSI ARABIA commercial directed by Ernest Desumbila: PEPSI ARABIA “Hand in Hand, We Can” CREDITS Client Pepsi Arabia Agency Impact BBDO Jeddah Production Compan…
    - 5 days ago17 May 17, 9:00am -



  • ‘The Lost World’ turns 20: Animation director Randal M. Dutra reflects on those early days of the digital age
    How Steven Spielberg came to adopt CGI dinosaurs for 1993’s Jurassic Park is an often-told story, including in several interviews I’ve done recently. Ultimately, the move from stop-motion to digital dinos paved the way for an explosion in CG char…
    - 17 hours ago21 May 17, 10:50pm -
  • Let’s talk about those crazy ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ warp shots
    A stand-out moment in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 occurs when Yondu, Kraglin, Rocket and Baby Groot jump through several space portals causing their faces to warp and distend in almost grotesque ways. Trixter pulled off the scenes…
    - 4 days ago19 May 17, 1:57am -
  • Can we animate in VR yet?
    Limitless thinks we can, and they’re already doing it. I talked to Tom Sanocki at FMX about where their software is up to. Here’s the story at Cartoon Brew.
    - 4 days ago18 May 17, 11:04pm -
  • Rocket, fractals and 3D Artist
    Always a lot of fun writing for 3D Artist magazine – love their spreads. Latest issue covers the work by Framestore and Weta Digital for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.
    - 5 days ago18 May 17, 1:36am -
  • There’s something about Groot
    In the opening to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Groot steals the show, mostly because he doesn’t care that a giant alien creature is on the attack behind him while he’s dancing. Framestore pulled off this sequence and I wrote about it for Carto…
    - 5 days ago17 May 17, 8:32pm -
  • Blender at its best
    It always amazes me what people do in Blender, and that the software is open source. Was great to find out about the Blender Institute’s newest project, Agent 327: Operation Barbershop – which has film-quality visuals and style. Check it out at C…
    - 7 days ago16 May 17, 12:16am -
  • American Gods and the blue screen kitty
    Oh, and the huge gay sex scene. Here’s how the VFX team managed to make those things possible. Their work on the show is incredible.
    - 7 days ago15 May 17, 7:35am -
  • It’s ugly for a reason
    This incredible animation by Nikita Diakur called Ugly was done by deliberately making mistakes inside C4D. I talked to the animator about how he accomplished it, for Cartoon Brew.
    - 9 days ago13 May 17, 10:01am -
  • Those love making scenes in American Gods. W.T.F.
    Here’s my second piece for Thrillist on American Gods, which dives into the Bilquis scenes where she consumes people…as in, consumes via her vagina. It’s crazy!
    - 14 days ago8 May 17, 4:20pm -
  • Multi pass and motion control: re-visiting the VFX of ‘The Fifth Element’
    On the 20th anniversary of The Fifth Element, a look back with vfx supervisor Mark Stetson on the miniatures and CG work in the film.
    - 15 days ago7 May 17, 8:13am -

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  • “Resident Evil” Franchise To Be Rebooted
    It looks like the recent sixth film in the franchise won’t be the end after all. Constantin Film chairman Martin Moszkowicz has confirmed to Variety that a reboot of the property is in development at the German production company. Further specifics…
    - 17 hours ago21 May 17, 10:14pm -
  • “Valerian” Final Trailer On Wednesday
    STX Entertainment has released a thirty-second teaser for the final trailer for Luc Besson’s new sci-fi adventure “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets”. This third and final preview will hit on Wednesday. Based on the French comic serie…
    - 17 hours ago21 May 17, 10:02pm -
  • Atkinson Returns For Third “Johnny English”
    Pre-production has reportedly begun on a third film in the “Johnny English” spy spoof series with Rowan Atkinson returning to the role of the bumbling secret agent. Chortle broke the news, the film coming six years after the sequel “Johnny Engl…
    - 18 hours ago21 May 17, 9:50pm -
  • “Hellboy” Reboot Is Hot At Cannes
    A serious bidding battle is reportedly under way at the Cannes Film Market for Chinese rights to the reboot “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen” from Millennium Films. The film has become one of the hottest titles on the Croisette, with bids in the…
    - 18 hours ago21 May 17, 9:45pm -
  • Hugh Grant Joins “A Very English Scandal”
    For the first time in nearly twenty-five years, Hugh Grant will return to TV for the upcoming BBC One drama “A Very English Scandal”. The three-part event series is based on the true story of the first British politician to stand trial for conspi…
    - 18 hours ago21 May 17, 9:36pm -
  • “Rams” Gets A UK-Australian Remake
    UK’s WestEnd Films and Australia’s WBMC have announced plans to team up for an Australian-shot, English-language remake of Icelandic dark comedy hit “Rams”. The original, which won Un Certain Regard’s top prize at the 2015 Cannes Film Festi…
    - 18 hours ago21 May 17, 9:27pm -
  • “Alien: Covenant” Tops Quiet Box-Office
    Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” underwhelmed at the box-office this weekend, the sci-fi horror tale taking in just $36 million in its domestic debut. That domestic debut pushed it past “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” which came in a very…
    - 18 hours ago21 May 17, 9:18pm -
  • TV News: Versace, East, Trial, Animals, Fear
    Versace: American Crime Story The first photos are out of Penelope Cruz filming scenes as Donatella Versace in the third season of FX’s “American Crime Story” which is currently in production. “Versace: American Crime Story” also stars Edga…
    - 18 hours ago21 May 17, 9:17pm -
  • Casting News: May 21st 2017
    Untitled Marwencol Film Leslie Mann and Janelle Monae are set to star opposite Steve Carell in the untitled Robert Zemeckis film at Universal Pictures. Zemeckis and Caroline Thompson co-wrote the work based on the 2010 documentary “Marwencol”. Th…
    - 1 day ago21 May 17, 7:01am -
  • Nicolas Cage Joins “Red Squad” & “Zander”
    Nicolas Cage has signed with Hannibal Classics for a pair of action movies – “Red Squad” and “Zander” – with both to shoot in Puerto Rico in October through the end of the year. In ‘Squad,’ Cage will play a recently paroled Navy SEAL…
    - 2 days ago21 May 17, 12:16am -
  • Himalayan-Set, Indian “Rambo” Remake Revealed
    Several years ago, Original Entertainment closed a five-picture deal with Millennium Films for Bollywood remakes of several of their properties – “Rambo,” “The Expendables,” cop drama “Brooklyn’s Finest,” Bruce Willis thriller “16 B…
    - 2 days ago20 May 17, 11:29pm -
  • Arnie Talks More “Terminator,” “Conan,” “Twins”
    After sitting out ‘Salvation,’ Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to the “Terminator” fold with with the atrociously received “Terminator Genisys” which, though making $400 million worldwide, pretty much put the franchise on ice. Then came th…
    - 2 days ago20 May 17, 11:27pm -

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  • Soldier On Ron Thornton
    Hollywood Reporter: Ron Thornton, an Emmy-winning visual effects designer, supervisor and producer who worked on such shows as Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Voyager, has died. He was 59. Variety: Thornton is best known for bringing computer-generated imag…
    - 23 Nov 16, 7:29pm -
  • Guest Post: My Experience as a Female Artist in the VFX Industry
    Today is my last day in the visual effects industry. It’s an industry that I’ve spent nine years of my life completely dedicated to, so it’s a bitter sweet kind of day. My love for animation and film began at 4 years old, when I saw the Lion Ki…
    - 12 Oct 16, 6:08pm -
  • Veteran VFX Supe Ron Thornton Hospitalized
    I came across a post on Facebook by one of Ron Thornton’s friends that the veteran VFX supervisor has been hospitalized. While I don’t have all the information a gofundme page has been set up to help pay for medical expenses. If you can please he…
    - 16 Sep 16, 4:42am -
  • Will #Brexit Lead To A #VFXit?
    Tonight a majority UK voters chose to leave the European Union which as of this writing is leading to a meltdown in financial markets and wild drops in foreign currencies agains the US dollar. There’s been a bit of chatter amongst many in VFX as to…
    - 24 Jun 16, 6:43am -
  • Comcast Acquires DreamWorks Animation
    Are people still reading this thing? Well, It’s been a year since I’ve posted on this blog and after the end of the ADAPT effort I took a long hiatus. As disappointed as I was, the post-VFX life has been great. New opportunities, I got a home, a…
    - 2 May 16, 5:43am -
  • Wikileaks Creates Searchable Database For Sony Leaks
    From the press release: Today, 16 April 2015, WikiLeaks publishes an analysis and search system for The Sony Archives: 30,287 documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and 173,132 emails, to and from more than…
    - 16 Apr 15, 6:16pm -
  • Why The VES Should Recognize Scott Ross For VES Fellow
    The other day I got an email from the VES asking members to suggest nominees for title of VES Fellow: The Visual Effects Society is asking for your suggestions for nominees for title of VES Fellow, which is a member who has maintained an outstanding…
    - 14 Apr 15, 8:41pm -
  • Quebec Government Says Bon Voyage To Film Subsidies
    I haven’t posted much on this blog but some recent news caught my eye: Last week’s Godbout Commission report sent shivers up the spines of Quebec’s film and television production industry. The Quebec Taxation Review Committee, chaired by econom…
    - 23 Mar 15, 10:57pm -
  • Francis L. Camacho Memorial Fund
    VFX artist Francis L. Camacho recently passed away in Montreal. His family has created a memorial fund that you can donate to.–X00.facebook While I didn’…
    - 10 Feb 15, 9:30pm -
  • VFX Artists Pen Piece Claiming Industry Discriminates Against Women
    TechCrunch posted an article by VFX artists Sonya Teich and Raqi Syed entitled Visual Effects: The Gender Bias Behind The Screen. The authors present a case that the reason for the low participation rate of women in the visual effects industry and…
    - 4 Feb 15, 11:10am -